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My Book of the Dead

is a work in progress graphic memoir. From adolescent terror of mortality to my dying father's bedside 50 years later to our shared

Covid-19 meditation, death has been my companion and guide. An evangelical Christian childhood with a troubled mother fueled my questioning, while self expression sustained me. The book embodies creative practice as a way to navigate change, loss and grief. Death, both literal and metaphorical, is interwoven throughout - just as it is in life.

Shown here are the first 4 pages plus 5 additional pages.

Holy Stars! Favorite Deities, Prophets, Saints and Sages from Around the World provides essential information for all ages on 27 religious figures from the world's wisdom traditions. Readers say...

"This is a total winner. It's fun to read and beautifully done.... a 'must read' for kids!"

"Inspiring.... it demystifies religions in a creative and humanistic manner. Easy to read and fun."

"I can't imagine a better primer... that supports the imperative of co-existence among the religious and spiritual beliefs of the world."

Sentient Publications 2009

ISBN 978-1-59181-080-3

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